Extract Data From Websites

When it comes to harvesting data, not everyone is the same. AddToIt’s experienced team has developed a unique way to extract information from the Internet.

We specialize in large datasets. Our scraping software (which can be used in real time) is gentle and hard to detect. Our fully automated software-based solution can capture all types of text in both English and Chinese. All of our work is performed in the US, and is governed by US contractual law.

  • We specialize in large, complex, mission-critical jobs
  • We scrape discretely and gently without detection
  • Our scrapers can scrape past login pages
  • Our Web-based search interface is available on scraped data
  • We normalize all data so it is database-ready
  • we provide fast, accurate, and fully automated solutions
  • Our pricing is cost-effective and competitive

Business Directory Listings

Business Directory Listings helps you to find new business opportunities.

  • We collect from the most up-to-date directory providers.
  • We collect and merge data from multiple directory providers.
  • Our technology is proven with directory providers!

13D/13F Issuer Address Service

  • Providing only the official issuer addresses from EDGAR.
  • Updated daily based upon filing with the SEC.