Extract Data From PDF Files

Addtoit's PDF extraction technology stands out. We have been proven in the financial marketplace with Fortune 500 companies.

  • We can extract specific sections of documents
  • We can perform high-volume extraction from documents with fairly consistent layouts
  • Our software tolerates variation between documents
  • We normalize all data so it is database-ready
  • We specialize in the most complex, difficult documents
  • We provide fast, accurate, and fully automated solutions
  • We offer cost-effective, competitive pricing

We can extract a small section of text from a complex PDF page, or a PDF table intermingled with other tables, text, or images. Our software is appropriate for any volume of documents, large or small, with consistent layouts. It is tolerant of variation between documents. We provide a fully automated solution to help our customers to eliminate human error.
AddToIt captures all types of text, including scanned documents, in both English and Chinese. All of our work is performed in the US, and is governed by US contractual law.

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